Topic: Homework Update Due December 15th, 2010

The Human Condition–In Search of Self
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Try to be more creative in your discussion of Book Talk, find interesting questions to explore, embed media, include a quote from your text here and there. Oh, and respond to other books, too. It'll all count. Talk more about an idea generated from a detail rather than simply retelling the details of the story. What is significant about the detail?

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Reading Log

Expecting 10+ entries in "Book Talk" and 20+ entries in the Reading Log

Submit a plan for your short story.

Write a review of a book you've been reading. Submit a copy of the review to the Library Blog. (Here's a handout to help focus the review on ideas)

ELA 20
December 2-10 focus on the film "Field of Dreams".

Our discussions tended to draw connections to ideas/images/symbols from The Tower and The Hobby. Several times Ray Kinsella makes a choice to listen to the voice - to move forward into an increasing illogical and fantastical realm - even against the strong rational forces which call him back to deal with the pressures of the "real" world. On these occasions Caroline from the Tower was a fitting contrast. At other times we emphasized his anxiety over becoming just like his father and how this connected to The Hobby - a story that generates far more questions about fathers and sons than it answers.

"Field of Dreams" Essay Topic:
Discuss the idea(s) developed in the film about the ways in which individuals struggle to restore honour and certainty.

We've read ...

We've written a letter and 2 comparison and contrast essays.

We have always turned our discussions into an exploration of themes exploring anxiety(The Human Condition–In Search of Self) - we tried to connect the stages of psychosocial development by Erik Erikson. We have discussed the influence of gender on anxiety. We have also tried to connect Maslow's Hierarchy about human motivation to the motivation of a main character.

The real ambitious could also read and connect to The Catcher in the Rye.

A story I'd like to connect to later in the course, after the study of some Canadian Poetry:

Film Study 9
We've read along with the script of the film, The Iron Giant. We looked for "tropes" to play a major role in the film and we each spotted and discussed at least 25 tropes, aka  The Iron Giant TV Trope Bingo.

We are now in the early stages of writing a short story. The story must have at least one trope from The Iron Giant, it must contain a theme related to Global Warming.

Oh, add a list of movie reviews on your blog - activate the wp-movie-ratings plugin: page and widget. Include all movies viewed so far, add a few others you've seen.

Web Design 10
The Web Design 1 and 2 assignments should be done. I am interviewing students one by one and giving feedback regarding revisions before assigning final grades on the design elements. Students must have the written portion completed, printed, and handed in ASAP. wrote:

Write a post in your blog discussing the features of each of the 3 site building methods – pros and cons. Discuss elements and principles of design. Identify content-related features. Identify methods of creating navigation links. Identify the purpose and audience of each site. Insert an image, discuss methods of including other forms of media – documents, audio, video – in each site building method. Identify changes, updates, edits, tweaks you’ve made to the default designs. Identify areas that need change. Include screenshots of each of the three site building methods.

At the same time we are in the the midst of INF2020 Keyboarding. All The Right Type(ATRT) sequence to be completed ASAP with testing done at

Keyboarding assignments/tests can be completed ASAP. I hope to have all students tested and completed by Christmas break. After Keyboarding is the CSS Web Design.