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Re: Schools Ban Cellphones and iPods

I don't really understand why teachers are trying to completely ban cellphones and ipods from our school. I undersatnd that they don't want students always text messaging during class but cellphones are going to be here for future generations. Once we are out of highschool and we get a job we will need to use our cellphones every day. Whether it's for calling or texting we will be using them in the future. Also if you are driving home and your car breaks down or you run out of gas you would need a cell phone to call someone to get help. Cellphones can also be used for emergency. If you are walking home or sitting on a bus a cellphone can make you feel safe. So if they completely ban cellphones I believe that students won't be as safe and they won't be able to learn about new technology.

Ipods aren't harmful in a classroom. Many students just want to listen to music in class and it helps some concentrate.  If teachers think that students are using them to cheat in tests they could look on the ipod to check. There is one spot on the ipod to put notes and it isn't hard to find. Also some ipods don't have sections for notes or anyway to cheat on a test.


Re: Schools Ban Cellphones and iPods

I agree that iPods and MP3 players are harmless in class. Although I understand why teachers take them away because they can't control what music the students listens to, shouldn't that be the parents' job? Teachers shouldn't have to be the regulators of what students listen to. MP3 players and iPods also allow some students to concentrate better on their schoolwork. It's understandable when teachers take the iPods away when students are listening to them while they're actually teaching, though.

I don't think that cell phones should be allowed in class, though. The cell phone can be used for many different reasons, such as taking pictures of people and posting them on the internet without permission. Texting many be useful in the future, but in class it is unnecessary. If teachers are taking away cell phones during class, why risk bringing it? I don't care if people keep their cell phones in their lockers, but school is a time to socialize with your "tangable"-at-the-time friends, not ones way in cyberspace.


Re: Schools Ban Cellphones and iPods

I don't agree that teachers should ban ipods and MP3 players from school because they give many kids away to not be distracted and work harder. Teachers could check ipods before a test or take them away for the periods of the exam but I don't think it's fair to ban them. Music has a way of calming kids or just helping them concentrate so they can work to the best of their abilities.

I do agree that cell phones should be banned from classes. Keeping cell phones in your locker is fine but in class they can cause many distractions. I feel that cell phones give kids so many ways to cheat on a test or talk to their friends when they should be learning. They are wonderful when you are driving and need help or need to contact someone but when you are school you should need to phone anyone. Cell phones also can start ringing in class and distract the entire class.

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Re: Schools Ban Cellphones and iPods

I don't support for teachers banning cell phones and iPods. I think they are useful and help people both in school.  I don't get why they want to ban theses from our school. They are harmless and won't hurt having them in the school.

I think that students should be able to have cell phones in the school but not in the classroom. If the teachers take them away what will they do if they get in trouble and need help to get them out. They will feel bad if this happens and a person dies because of the teachers banning them. But I think they should not be aloud in the classroom. They could be used to cheat during a test by sending the answers with anyone by a text. They could just tell the teacher that there mom is sending them a essage but it is actually there friend sending all the answers. They could be used to take a picture of someone and posted on the internet without that persons permission.

I think iPods should not be banned from the school or classroom. It could help students stay calm and easy to write a test when they are calm. The music could soothe them and help them stay calm. It may help them work better and stay on task longer and easier because they can concentrate better. I know that teachers are worried that students will cheat with putting them in their notes. If it is such a big deal, students could give the teacher the iPod or mp3 during the test and when they hand it in they could get their ipod or mp3 back.


Re: Schools Ban Cellphones and iPods

I don't agree with the laws to ban cell phones and iPods. I think that teachers are doing a fine job of dealing with kids with cell phones and iPods and if they are not bothering anyone I do not see why it is a problem. I don't understand the view of the school board for making these laws. Do they not think that teachers can handle dealing with kids with cell phones or iPods? Cell phones are a useful tool to many kids and although that some kids use them unwisely the majority of student use them to communicate with friends and parents to let them know where they are. I know that I usually get more work done when I am listening to music. Not only does it keep me quiet and working hard it also keeps me on track because I am not distracted by everything going on around me. Although I do not even own my own cell phone I have to constantly borrow my moms and my sisters. Cell phones give parents a way to know what there kids are up to and if they didn't have a cell phone they would have a less chance of being able to know what they are doing in their spare time. Banning cell phones and iPods will lead to nothing but angry students and staff and I think that they should reconsider their actions before making these laws.


Re: Schools Ban Cellphones and iPods

I do not support the law of banning call phones and iPods. Cell phones and iPods are not the main issue in schools people should be dealing with. Police should not be confiscating these electronic devices, guns and knifes should be confiscated. Weapons are the main problem. In my opinion police personal should no be dealing with this issue, it should be the parents of these kids. The parents of these kids should decide if there is necessary conditions of their child to carry a cell phone. Teachers and police should not be making this decision.

Some parents feel the need for their children to carry a cell phone with them at all times and I totally agree with this. Teachers and police should absolutely not be making this decision. It's totally absurd. If teachers and police are putting so much effort as to confiscating these devices from kids every day, why not put this effort into something more important. Like I said before, confiscating weapons like knifes and guns. These weapons have made more issues than cell phones and iPods in the past are going to make more in the future. In my opinion school killings are more important than students using cell phones and iPods during class.

I believe that their are better solutions than taking away these kids devices. I'm sure many students would agree that they would hand in their iPods and cell phones during a test if a teacher believes that they are going to cheat during the test. Their are many different solutions to solve this problem, and I believe that they have not chosen the right one.


Re: Schools Ban Cellphones and iPods

It seems that no one really agrees with banning cell phones and iPods from schools. Most kids grip to their cell phones like their lives depend on having them. Some cellphones disrupt learning during class but that can easily be taken care of at that time. Its not like the kids are bringing weapons to school that could harm others and themselves. They should have the right to bring something like that to school to be used.

There are times that are right to take away these things, like during tests or in the middle of a lesson. But if the kids are just listening to music in the halls or texting their friends, it's really not doing anyone any harm is it? Some people would consider this the same as taking their lunch away because it's not healthy enough to eat. No one is making bomb threats over cell phones or have Russian spy information over their iPods.

Its just a priviledge of the teens of our time to have something to communicate with their parents and friends a lot easier, or listen to a couple of tunes to pass the time on their iPods. If the devices are a problem during class time they can easily be confiscated for a couple of days. I don't think these devices are that much of a problem.


Re: Schools Ban Cellphones and iPods

I think banning Ipods is reseonable to some decree because cheating from them is so easy. The test results from cheating can be a major part in how they function the rest of their lives. Cheating may get them good marks and an education to live by but they will notice that they can't cheat the things in life. That will make the person realize that cheating wasn't a good choice. The other reason that I think Ipods are unnecessary are the noise that comes from them. The noise can be disturbing to other students learning abilities and can be considerate to your classmates that are trying to concentrate on their work.

I think banning cell phones, on the other hand, is ridiculous. As long as the students are listening to the lecture then using them is fine. Using their cell phones in class instead of doing their work would be their own fault.


Re: Schools Ban Cellphones and iPods

I disagree that cellphones and iPods should be banned completely. Cellphones can be used for security on school grounds, or travelling to the school and back home. iPods or mp3 devices can help students in class to concentrate on their work and not on others yelling across the classroom. Although cellphones do not serve a perpose in classes and actually distract students from their work, I dont think they should be banned from the school grounds. Instead they should be kept in lockers an only aloud out during breaks. iPods on the other hand should be only aloud to listen to when teachers are not talking or giving a lecture.
So basically iPods and cellphones should be moderatly banned, but not banned completly from students.