Topic: Homework Update January 14, 2011

The Human Condition–In Search of Self
Continue "Book Talk" in STJ Forum

Try to be more creative in your discussion of Book Talk, find interesting questions to explore, embed media, include a quote from your text here and there. Oh, and respond to other books, too. It'll all count. Talk more about an idea generated from a detail rather than simply retelling the details of the story. What is significant about the detail? How does the detail relate to a theme exploring The Human Condition–In Search of Self.

Update Book I'm Reading Widget, update your Books I've Read widget.

Expecting 10+ entries in "Book Talk" and 20+ entries in the Reading Log

Create a response to the book you've been reading using the "Random Idea Generator" that appears below your iblog post editor(or choose from the whole list)

Publish (a copy of) your response to the bulletin board of the English Room.

ELA 20
January 3-14 focus on poetry and the theme of Relationships.

Organize your notes on each poem: theme statement, poetic techniques, and issues for discussion.

A story I'd like to connect to later:

Film Study 9
Read along with the script of the film, Glory Road. Look for Scripture to play a major role in the study of the film. We will discuss a few bible passages

We will then write a personal response to the film exploring a question about The Human Condition. The response must have at least one scriptural passage, it must explore a theme related to The Human Condition.

Oh, add to your growing list of movie reviews on your blog - activate the wp-movie-ratings plugin: page and widget. Include all movies viewed so far, add a few others you've seen.

Web Design 10
The Web Design 1 and 2 assignments should be done. I have finished interviewing students one by one and giving feedback regarding revisions before assigning final grades on the design elements. Students must have the written portion completed, printed, and handed in ASAP.

At the same time a few students are in the the midst of INF2020 Keyboarding. All The Right Type(ATRT) sequence to be completed ASAP with testing done at Keyboarding assignments/tests can be completed ASAP.

The CSS Web Design Assignments are the current and final project. Students complete a CSS course and quiz, then using CSS code only, design a CSS theme for their blog.