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Topic: Gr.11 Theme Choices

Decisoins-Action or Apathy

The Human Condition-In search of self

World perspectives-The social Experience

Equality-Pain and Pride

Environment and Technology-Reality and Responsibility

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Re: Gr.11 Theme Choices

I think our theme should be equality- Pain and pride its teaching us about how we sit around and judge others, racism, the rights and responsibilities and fairness. Last year we read the speech "I have a dream" by Martin Luther King Jr. and I would like to learn more about what he did and the rights he established with people.

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Re: Gr.11 Theme Choices

I would chose Equality - pain and pride, because I strongly believe in equality for everyone. No one diserves to be treated wrongly just becuase of race, religon, or sex etc.


Re: Gr.11 Theme Choices

Well, reading any amount of posts written by this class on Human Condition- In Search Of Self would be depressing and painful. 

Decisions- Action or Apathy would be interesting to write about


Re: Gr.11 Theme Choices

Yes, i agree with both Rachal and Colton. Equality would be best becasue it shows that u should stand up for yourself and others.


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I would choose Equality  - pain and pride because everyone is equal.


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I would have to say Equality-Pain and Pride because it somehow fits the discription to Macbeth.


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I think that we should do Decisoins-Action or Apathy no reason why just that it sounds cutting edge and interesting.

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Re: Gr.11 Theme Choices

I think we should do Environment and Technology-Reality and Responsibility, because it relates to a wide variety of topics.


Re: Gr.11 Theme Choices

I would have to agree with niko.


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I think we should do Equality- Pain and Pride. we should learn how to deal with racism, And deal with it the right way it should be dealt with. Every person is equal in there own way. It should not matter who, where, or what they look like we should all be treated the same way.

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Re: Gr.11 Theme Choices

Decisions - Action and Apathy would be a good theme to do this year because we need to learn how to make our own decisions and choose our own actions. We have to learn how to make decisions now that will be good for our future.


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I think it is important to choose the theme equality - pride and pain. I feel we need to learn and observe the importance of equality. And to know how pride and pain affects those around the globe. Today, inequality seems to be growing, it's influence is unnecessary. People tend to be judgemental and discrmininate too often now.