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How do I get more than one cbc rss widgets?


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It is very simple to add more than one cbc rss widget.

In order to do this, first go to your dashboard and click on "presentation" then http://iblog.stjschool.org/nzayac/wp-admin/widgets.php
Once here, scroll down to the bottom of the page where your options are.
In large print, you will see " CBC RSS Widgets" with a drop down menu containing the numbers 1- 9.
Click on the drop down menu, and choose your number of widgets that you would like to add to your page.
After, scroll up and click "save changes". now, when you scroll down to where your choice of widgets are you will see that you will have "RSS 1, RSS 2, etc. drag these boxes up to your navigation menus and you are almost done. the last step is to add your widgets URL like you did while creating your first widget.


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What do I do if it is not working for me?

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Big Mac,
nzayak has posted the correct steps, where does it break for you?