Topic: First Night in the New House

Eric and Angela Spires were thrilled to be moving into their new house. They were surprised that they were able to afford the spacious historic home, which had been on the market for more than a year. They felt uneasy about the stares from their new neighbors and the strangeness of the realtor, but dismissed these incidents as being characteristic of the small town mentality towards newcomers.

The realtor had told the Spires that no one had lived in the house for more than 10 years, which had been passed down to a distant relative by the former owners, the Gallaghers. The house was in suprisingly good condition due to Hector Grimes, the former groundskeeper, who had maintained the house until his mysterious death last year.

Eric and Angela were exhausted from unpacking, so Eric drove into town to pick up dinner. The dining room was filled with empty boxes, and Angela decided to bring some of them upstairs to the attic. When she reached the top of the pull-down staircase, it closed abruptly behind her, and she felt a gust of wind as a damp chill coursed through her body...