Topic: Homework Update November 24, 2011

ELA 20
Hanna film assignment. Write an expository post in response to the film Hanna. Try to include some links to sources, media. 3-5 body paragraphs with an introduction and conclusion paragraph. Topics, DVD screen pics, script, links etc.

Add 3-5 comments from classmates and update a spreadsheet to keep track as well.

Update your "book I'm reading" widget. If you don't have a book started, do so. Track your reading in a reading log as well. Add to your "book talk" as well.

Have we "decided" on a set of focus questions?


RelSt 35
Consider the four postulates we generated in our first couple class discussions:
Can something come from nothing?
Does God exist?
Do humans have immortal soul?
Do humans have free will?

We will be discussing our "philosophy of life" throughout the course but especially in our readings from Sophie's World.

Read/question/discuss/reflect. Next exam on Socrates.

ELA 10
I Shouldn’t Be Alive.

Try to include dialogue and other more complex short story elements in your story.

We thought it a big deal that the survivor journeys through a great darkness. We wonder at the ideas the survivor thinks about during this time of great struggle.

Every student is to write a short story based on the events (or a single event) of one of the survivor stories. Details should be clearly researched from the documentary where possible. ELA 10-1 students should prepare a critical response in addition to the creative narrative response.

When the story(essay) is published I would like each of you to read and comment positively and/or constructively on each other's posts. Keep and respond only to comments you want to, but at least 3-5, I figure. Track your comments received/sent in a spreadsheet.

Have a book of your choosing on hand, in your pack, or locker and keep a reading log.

And, ... contribute regularly to book talk on the forum. Try to make the talk more engaging, inviting, conversational - look for ways to deepen and enrich your book talk this year compared to last year.

Consider focus questions relating to survival(and technology) for these written responses.


Everyone has logged into email, google docs, created an iblog, and logged into the forum. Everyone should have a book from the library and a reading log. As we get more reading done, we'll contribute to book talk in the forum.

Update your "Books I'm Reading" and "Books I've Read"  widgets.

Consider this set of focus questions on the Human Condition. Consider "Book Talk" page of questions.


ComTech Media Design Tools
Details for this course cluster.

"Digitize" artwork created for carnival, school posters, personal artwork, etc.

Add any/all (graphic,audio,video,flash, etc) projects to your blog - ie as a CTS Portfolio.