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Did you take off the avatar pictures in the options for the forum, or can i just not find it?

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tlaing wrote:

Did you take off the avatar pictures in the options for the forum, or can i just not find it?

Avatars have never been enabled, I don't remember turning them off, and they are off. Shrug. The default method is to have everyone upload an image into a shared folder on the server . . . can you think of the problems that may cause?


Funny you should ask about avatars, I've been coding/hacking something tonight from the Gravatar service for the iblogs. Sadly, there appears to be no easy-peezy gravatar thingy for these forums in the near future. Sigh. I need a simply plugin, too many core files need to be hacked.(New forum software is in the works that integrates nicely with the blogs, I just don't have the heart to kill the present forum as it is yet.)

I'm bored with the comvatars, the images are so 2004, and it doesn't remember the avatar from blog to blog anyway. Registering an avatar 30 times just to have someone change it on you was fun, ... for 10 minutes.

I need an avatar system where the images are not on our server, the images can be rated/filtered (We'll use G), the images are tied to your stj account, the images are cropped/scaled from any source jpg/png/gif, the images follow you to every stj site/blog/page/comment/thread.

Gravatars it will be, I'm 98% sure.

If I were to offer both as one or the other, I'm certain Gravatars would be everywhere in minutes. I have to police all the images ... shudder.  The gravatar service forces you to rate the image you attach to your STJ email, I need to make sure bozos aren't bozos "by accident."

Go head and sign up for a Gravatar account, using your stj email of course, and kick the tires.
When I have the iblog plugin ready, you can test drive.

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I can enable the Gravatar plugin on a blog by blog "Premium user" basis from my SiteAdmin Dashboard!



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Alright. I made an account, and I have my 'I ran with scissors, and lived' picture. hehe

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Activate the Gravatar Plugin, then visit the Gravatars menu under your Profile. Choose/update your options.

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If you have done everything right, and you don't see your image but the default Gravatar image, try re-clicking and submitting the G rating on your image.

Changing the image frequently can be frustrating I've noticed.

Also, I'd rather see no image for a user that has no Gravatar rather than the default image a zillion times.

I think the Gravatar should appear on the Profile page...

Still tinkering.


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Well I definitely rated the picture as G, and it still hasn't shown up. I tried it on a different browser as well, but it didn't seem to work.

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We'll have to work on this when we have time on a couple of machines in the lab.