Topic: Poem for Success

as read by a Sport Chek representative at STJ September 20, 2012

Avoid working just for power & money
Be honest, reliable, faithful and aggressive
Choose your friends carefully
Don't be afraid to take risks
Establish goals & work systematically toward achieving them
Free rides don't exsist
Get it done
Have conidence that you can make a difference
Invite constructive criticism
Just doing enough to get by, won't get in done
Keep from making excuses
Listen, learn & always work to improve your mind
Mean what you say & say what you mean
Never  ever give up on your dream
Only one person can control you & that's you
Quality, not quanity
Respect others
Sometimes, slow down & smell the roses
Treat others with respect & they will respect you
Use your assests wisely
Voice your opinions
Work as hard as possible without forgetting your loved ones
Xpect obstacles, but accept challenges
You are in charge of your actions
Zap obstacles & reach for the stars.