Topic: Grip Magazine

Discuss something interesting you read in a recent issue of Grip Magazine.

Does this magazine connect to other questions from our course focus?

Identity and Sense of Self
Who and what are we?

Human Qualities and Ideals
What are the common human qualities and ideals we hold?

Human Relationships
What role do people (e.g., friends, family) play in our lives?

Joy and Inspiration
What brings us joy and inspiration in life?

Doubt and Fear
What doubts and fears do we have?

Re: Grip Magazine

braeden4 wrote:

The part of the magazine i read was about how kids need to get out and play sports that can help them stay active in the winter time. The thing is that not that many people want to play sports in this generation it evolves around the internet more then anything else. There is a lot of people that play sports but not as many as there should be. So people need to start it up again like the old days when people where always outside and do stuff playing with friends playing road hockey, basketball and all other kinds of sports.

Have a look at 3v3 basketball.


Re: Grip Magazine

Positive Transformations, this article is about how to how to have a positive outlook on life. You can turn any bad situation into an opportunity just by having a positive attitude. Transform you life to be a positive well lived life. You are living, that's a gift all on its own. Celebrate it, live it, make it worth living. You can change your life around only if you want to just by how you perceive a situation, find the good in it. Be optimistic, find who you are and embrace it. There may be rough times, but you can easily get through them with a positive attitude and finding good opportunities within the bad.


Re: Grip Magazine

I read the Treatment Transition By Fatima Carton. It is about this young teen girl who started to hang out with the wrong group of people. She knew that they were the wrong people but she hung out with them anyways. They were in to the drugs alcohol. They were all doing it so she finally started her self. When she got home she would feel happy at one point and then she would be spitting mad. She got hospitalized twice for attempted suiside. She tried many programs but they were not working finally she found one that did work and she was on it for over a month. In the end she started to live at home full time. Sometimes its hard for her but she gets through it.