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Mr. Sader
When I want to write a new post or edit an old one, I can never change the size of my picture or see one of my links in my post as it actually is. There is no "visual" code on my post header so I can't adjust pictures or click on links. It's all just the words or the codes in texts, I don't think I can change anything unless I type it all in the codes. For example, I'd like to change the size of a picture I have, and I used to be able to see it, click on it, then drag the mouse and adjust and save. Now I can't do that. Is there a way to fix/change that?

Re: Editing Posts

The "buttons" available depend on your a) browser and b) profile.

The fancy buttons are a.k.a. "visual (or rich text) editor".

a) You can turn the visual editor buttons on or off in your profile(wp-admin/profile.php).
b) Safari and IE are flaky, Firefox works best.

The latest versions of Safari work, but the lab is out of date.

I prefer to edit the code and avoid the "browser war" altogether.


Re: Editing Posts

I edited that on Firefox
That's all I needed, thanks.