Topic: pictures in my posts

Two of the pictures that I've placed in my posts won't appear. They show a question mark in a blue square.
When I click on them the light box comes up but it still shows the question mark. Is there a way I can get them back, or should I just redo the pictures?


Re: pictures in my posts

They might not show up because the pic is a gif, you can't change the image attributes.

Re: pictures in my posts

Beware hotlinked images.

A savvy web server will deny a request for an image embedded in a page it detects as not belonging to the image owner.

If you've linked to an image not in your own upload folder, chances are the owner of the image has renamed it, removed it, or blocked your page from seeing the image.

Beware the unscrupulous web server that sends an inappropriate image when it detects a hotlink. Test your links and review them from time to time.