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I don't understand what they are or even how to get them?

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How did you figure it out?

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1. Go to Widgets on your profile.
2. Scroll down the page to find " RSS feed widgets"
3. Change the 1 to 3
4. Add how many "RSS#" you want from the available widgets.
5. Now once you've added them click on the little box on the right hand side of the RSS widget you've just added.
6. A box will pop up half way down the page.
7.Now open a new tab and go to www.cbc.ca/rss
8. Find a topic you would like by scrolling down the page. Copy the underlined website beside the topic you want.
9. Go back to your blog and paste the website you copied into the line that says"Enter the RSS feed URL Here:"
10. Give your CBC Widget a title like CBC or what ever you like.
11. Press the "X" button. Then press "Save Changes"
12. Go back to your page. Then it will appear on your page.

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Thanks, that is very useful and helpful