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Topic: Spark Notes

Mr. Sader just showed me this super good website and its basically just the book, with definitions and descriptions of people. But theres quizes and good quotes [that Mr. Sader "likes"]. Check it out.



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Don't say Macbeth!! Tis extremely bad luck. All sorts of bad things happen to you if you say it backstage. Actors have broken ankles, and lost voices because of it. I guess you call it 'the Scottish Play' but backstage at MCT, we all just say, the m word, or'that play'.  A typical backstage conversation would probably go like this:

Actor A:  So, did you hear about the girl that broke her ankle on the set?
Actor B: Yeah, she said 'that word'
A: what word?
B: You, know, that word
A: huh?
B: the m word?
A: oh.....

As you can see, misunderstandings are common. smile


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I didn't say macbeth I said Spark Notes


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Now you both have said it. Tsk, tsk.