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What do you have to do for the friends posts? please let me know smile

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"Friends" has a couple of features you'll find in the iblog dashboard. There's a widget that can be activated for your sidebar. As well, you can make entire posts/pages feature content from "Friends" blogs(similar to postrss plugin).


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When I added the Friends Posts to my page, the title "Friends Posts" comes up, but nothing shows up under it. What is wrong?

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jkochan wrote:

I added the Friends Posts to my page

How? What did you add, the widget to the sidebar? A new page or a new post? What did you paste into the content of the page/post? Give us a link to your post/page here.

jkochan wrote:

nothing shows up under it?

What are you expecting? Why? Have you added friends to the option page? Their blogs must not be private for any of this to work.


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Ok I found out how to do it..
You have to go under "users" on dashboard then you go to friends,
After that type in somones name under the search, You add them then thier name should show up on the "left" side as well as the "right" side. Some names dont work though so im not sure I think it only works when the person has recently posted something but im not 100% sure. Thats how I did it good luck!

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lbosgra wrote:

Some names dont work though...

Dashboard-->Privacy Options

Any choice that puts a lock on your blog pulls it out of a public list/feed.

Any page that requires a login to be seen will not display in public, I hope.

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Good work luke. THAT seems to work in the users page... but does it show up on your site?


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Oh it ended up showing. Just it didn't seem to work and not even the title "My Friends Posts" would show up but now it has.