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Topic: Anyone See Any Problems With Certain Themes

As a snowsuit, StripedPlus blogroll does not work. Here is the problem: http://blog.stjschool.org/gnoster/
Look where the top set of sidebar widgets are and on the left.

This is error message that takes the place of the blogroll when it is a sidebar widget:

WordPress database error: [Unknown column 'link_' in 'order clause']
SELECT * , IF (DATE_ADD(link_updated, INTERVAL 120 MINUTE) >= NOW(), 1,0) as recently_updated , UNIX_TIMESTAMP(link_updated) AS link_updated_f FROM wp_48_links WHERE 1=1 AND link_visible = 'Y' ORDER BY link_ ASC

When StripedPlus is used not as a snowsuit it works fine. Has anyone else noticed this?


Re: Anyone See Any Problems With Certain Themes

Alright, fixed my own problem. It seems that my blogroll was in two places. The top left, and bottom right. I'm guessing that it finally lost one of them and left the error message. I took out the "links" sidebar widget and it got rid of the top blogroll so now i only have the bottom one! Problem solved