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OWL wrote:

Creative Writing Invention Questions

When you begin to invent a piece of creative writing  (like a story or a poem), asking yourself questions can be a great way to get ideas flowing.

General Questions for Creative Writing

  • Is there a story or message or moral that I think others should hear?

  • Do I have any unique ideas or experiences that would be interesting and fun for me to write about?

  • How can I make my writing different and unique to me?

  • What makes me unique as a person? How can I show that through my writing?

  • Who is my favorite author? What is my favorite book or poem?

  • What does my favorite author/writer do in his/her work that I like? How can I do that too?

Questions For Inventing a Fictional Character

The following questions can help you create your own unique characters:

  • How old is the character?

  • What is the character’s greatest wish?

  • What is the character’s greatest fear?

  • What are the character’s hobbies?

  • Where does the character live?

  • What types of words does the character use? Does he/she speak differently than you do? If so, how?

  • How does the character look?

  • What does the character think about him/herself?

  • What do other people think about the character?

  • Where was the character at 10 minutes before the story begins?

  • What can the character see? What is the setting?

  • What is the character’s job?

  • Who is the character’s best friend?

Questions For Inventing a Poem or Prose Narrative About a Personal Experience

If you are writing about a personal experience, use these questions to remember the interesting details of that experience:

  • What did I see?

  • What did I hear?

  • What did I taste?

  • What did I smell?

  • What did I touch?

  • What did I imagine?

  • What did it remind me of?

  • Who else is in the story?

  • What emotions did I feel?