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Topic: Not Your Average Challenge

Despite our best efforts to keep it alive, the fear issue has been completely and utterly crushed. Every nook and cranny has been explored, and I feel confident that not even the wise owl eyes of old Sader can find any missing gaps (knock on wood...). So now I've decided to turn our eyes to something that we haven't discussed quite yet. And I'm sorry, but I'm letting you know now that I am going to rip the T.V. shows we all know and love.

Society plays the weaknesses. The strongest, fittest, and those who do not show flaws, are those who are brought to the forefront. These are the normal people.  Programs like the Simpsons, Family Guy, and others have made their living off of he who isn't perfect. We have stereotyped the "characters" of our world. Our overweight neighbours and aquaintances have unfairly been doubled as an idiot, thanks to Homer and Peter. And though it may be true in some cases, the majority of these people have been labeled as a loser in society. In order for them to succeed, the wall they must climb is several times steeper and smoother than the Average Joe's. We cannot discriminate if we are to succeed. In order for our civilization to continue properly, we must be firing on all cylinders. And that cannot happen if the voice of our too-large neighbour is ignored.


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I think your right Zane, adding to your Simpsons talk think about all the characters on the show. Homer is fat, Marge is considered attractive, Barney the alchoholic, Mr. Burns the old man that can't do anything, Smithers is gay, Ned Flanders makes christianity stereotypycly all about rules, police just sit aroud and eat donuts, Apu the foreiner, all of the characters are all mocking the 'losers' of society. And not gonna lie to you it's hillarious. But it is dangerous for that to alter our thinking, and if we let ourselfs be biest towards these people.


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What about most of the commercials that say if you use their product you will look great!! You will be 10x more beautiful than you are. This is not right! Basically the advertisments are lying to the common people in order to make a buck. Sure, maybe some shows are retarded and make us dumber, but they give us entertainment. Without that we would not know happiness.