Topic: Question 4

In the early chapters of the story, we realize that a very strong friendship exists between Lennie and George.

a. Indicate what each of the following episodes reveals about their relationship:
         • when George forces Lennie to give him the dead mouse
         • when George shakes Lennie by the ear to warn him to stay away from Curley's wife
         • when George warns Lennie to stay away from Curley
         • when Curley attacks Lennie

b. What do we learn about Curley when we first meet him that alerts us to the trouble he causes later?

c. Indicate what the following episodes reveal about George's character (i.e., what type of person he is; give specific traits):
         • Slim's puppies
         • George's description of Lennie to Slim
         • the jokes George used to play on Lennie and why he stopped
         • the incident in Weed

d. What do the episodes in (c) above drivel about George's feelings for Lennie? In your view, is George a good friend? A wise friend?