Topic: Question 9

We also see that being alone and deprived of companionship and affection has severely affected Crooks. He is "sick" in that he has lost hope; ultimately he gives up on finding happiness in his life.

a. Find evidence which shows us that Crooks has lost hope of ever achieving his aspirations.

b. Why does Crooks tell Candy to "jus' forget it" about the farm? How does his decision make you feel?

c. Think about the various groups of people you belong to in your life - your family, your friends, clubs, teams. Put yourself in Crooks' place and explain how you would feel if you, like Crooks, had to spend most of your time alone because you were not accepted by any of these groups of people.

d. What does Crooks' despair and hopelessness tell us about the human condition, about what it means to be a human being?