Topic: Study Skills Presentation

Golden Rules of Learning:
You need water, food, sleep, physical activity.
You choose what you pay attention to.
Our brains are problem solving machines.
Knowledge is Power!
The Rule of 3. Revisit the material THREE times: study, study, study.

Recall the details of the picture

Three marbles
Dog and blue ball
Coffe and croissants
Ice creme cone

Why do we forget?

  • you never had it

  • mental blur

  • fading theory

  • retrieval theory

  • interference theory

  • reactive interference theory

How is our brain like wax?
The more times we poke our finger into wax, the deeper the impression.

Types of memory

  • Sensory Memory

  • Short-term memory

  • Long-term Memory

Didi you know....?

Amanda wrote:

Things only move along the path into long-term memory while you are asleep.

How to get information to long term?

  • Rule of 3 - repeat, repeat, repeat

  • Internalize, pay attention

  • Relate

  • The big picture

  • Cluster/Chunk


Taken a learning style inventory?
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