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Topic: Lies About Liberal Leaders

While looking around on CBC.ca I came across a link that said that the leader of the Liberal Party, Michael Ignatieff hired Jean Chrétien as chief of staff. I personally think this would, and could very well be a smart decision on Ignatieff's side. Chrétien is a very experienced and hard working man. He definitely would have some intelligent insights when it comes to this new occupation. However, I came across this one comment that was only on the first page of the article. " Yesterday's party hires yesterday's man to try and revive their sagging fortunes. How pathetic. "I really believe this commenter has no idea what he is talking about. Sure Jean had many difficult outcomes during his years of being Prime Minister, But he is definitely a very educated and hard working man. I can say this from experience, because I met Jean a few months ago at the Vancouver Liberal Convention in May. Him and I had a conversation about the ways that Young Liberals can act, and help our future. At first when I saw him I didn't realize it was Former Prime Minister Jean Chrétien. I know that before I had a conversation with him I was brainwashed into thinking that he was a bad man only because he may have made mistakes during his leadership. But who doesn't? I'm pretty sure that Stephen Harper has made some big mistakes aswell. I really just don't understand why someone would most a comment like this without knowing factual information about Jean Chrétien and Michael Ignatieff. I have met both Michael and Jean and they are both very intelligent individuals. Jean will do a great job as Chief of Staff.


Here is a link to the article