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Topic: Scientists create rubber membrane that can shape-shift like an octopus

Scientists have been studing the mimic octopus, a particular group have taken a liking to it. The team was lead by octopus expert Roger Hanlon.  The scientItai Cohen was a writer on the new study.ists created a thin membrane, like skin, that changes into shapes. It is like the skin of an octopus. People can stare at an underwater scene and have no idea an octopus is there, Cohen said. Then it changes color and shape. "It appears out of nowhere," he said. Scientists have been trying to make soft, stretchy things into shapes, said Pikul. It has been hard to do, though, it costs too much. Filling the rubber with air caused the membrane to change following the shape of the cuts. The team also copied a plant with unusual leaves, they showed that the membrane can copy lifelike shapes.