Topic: Stephen King: Nightmare and Dreamscapes

The conclusion of my new story ended as a weird type of paradox.  Bill and Katie drove to Dawns house.  They walked into the house the their living room was like a tornado hit them.  Dawn was sleeping and listing to music (still playing) while her baby was asleep on her lap.  They woke her up and she said she didn't call them.  So they drove back home and watched one of Bill's books that turned into a movie, called Ghost Kiss.  Katie went to bed and Bill stayed up all night to watch the movie.  When Katie woke up she noticed Bill didn't come to bed, she walked down stairs and saw him sitting in his chair.  His hand was on top of his heart, he wasn't moving and he wasn't breathing that's because he died from a heart attack.  5 years later Katie remarried.  Her and her husband were watching Bill's movie Ghost Kiss.  Her husband went to bed and she stayed up to watch the movie.  The movie reminded her of her husband and she cried a little.  Then she looked and the phone.  Her mind was so delirious she picked up the phone and called a random number not realizing it was one of her old phone numbers.  She was crying even more and she could barely speak, just mumbling out words.  When the person on the other line picked up she started talking about her husband having a heart attack and you need to save him, but it was only a few words that could be clearly heard most was just crying then she hang up.  It was a paradox because when Katie called now it sounded almost exactly like when they got the first "prank" call and she thought it was Polly, but it was actually herself she was talking to.  Not a random person.