Topic: Before I fall: Lauren Oliver

On the first day, Cupid's Day, Sam is more concerned with how many roses she'll receive from her friends, signaling her popularity, than studying for her classes. She goes through the day as usual, with her super popular friends, ruling the school and bullying all who annoy her, including Juliet Sykes, the beautiful and quiet girl she and her friends have been bullying since sixth grade. That night, Sam and her friends attend Kent McFuller's party, even though they find him dorky and weird and are shocked when Juliet dares to confront them in public. The girls fight back by calling her a psycho and dumping their drinks over her head. Soon the entire party joins in, pouring their drinks over Juliet, singing the theme song to the film "Psycho," physically shoving her out of the party. The only person with any sense of outrage is Kent, who stares at Sam with shocked horror on his face. Sam escapes the uncomfortable situation by running to Lindsey's car, and the girls speed off. As they drive away, a flash of white leaps in front of the car and they crash. That's when Sam dies the first time.