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Topic: Before I fall: Lauren Oliver

By the fourth day, Sam has decided that nothing she does matters. She decided to wear inappropriate clothing to school. Sam also insulted her best friends to the point that Lindsey kicked her out of the car and made her walk to school. When the cupids come around to come and give everyone their roses, Sam already knows which ones are hers. She grabs them out of the cupids hand and walks to the garbage can and throws them out. She already knows who they are from and what the notes said. At lunch she didn't have anyone to sit with so she decided to go to the old bathroom where she met up wit Anna (a friend of hers) so they talked the whole lunch. After school she decided to go with some friends to the mall shopping (although these weren't the friends she always hung out with). They went shopping, and went for supper to a fancy restaurant. After they ate they went to the party and enjoyed it. When it got later, Sam didn't have a ride home and she was tired so Kent (the one who hosted the party) let her stay over in one of the guests rooms. That's when she woke up again on February 12.