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It is the start of summer and 15 year old Collie is being sent on a train to her aunties house who she hasn't seen in years, and hardly remembers her. Her mother Kiki Sparks is on a business trip. Her mom is a fitness instructor on TV. Collie and her mom used to be fat, until her mom got this sudden urge to go on a health cleanse. They now only eat certain food and work out everyday. Collie had issues with bullying when she was younger, so they moved around a lot. Every time there was an issue they would pack up and leave to another town. They had been all over the place, until they finally found their forever home, with Kiki's new fitness job.

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Ever since the "new Collie" she has completely hid her self. She died her hair and even got a lip piercing. Collie has so many insecurities due to previously being bullied. Collie doesn't have any friends, so she hides behind her appearance. Collie feels that everyone still sees her as fat. Collie is upset with her mom , for sending her to her aunt Mira's. Collies train just land at the station and she gets off to find a guy holding a sign with her name. The guy had long hair and a relaxed hippy kind of appearance. The hippy guy approached her and asked if she was Collie. He introduced himself and gathered up her bags and then headed to Mira's.

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After the pulled up to Mira's house they started unloading Collie's bags when they heard "Cat Norman where are you?" Collie looked confused. And had a though about Mira not coming out to greet her. Then Mira asked "Norman is that you, do you have Collie?" Mira had lost her Cat and needed help searching for it. They repeatedly called out