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Mural City

This Read Theory talks about the city of Philadelphia. The city is fairly well known. It is where the declaration of independence was signed and was one of the first capitals of the US. But it also has many murals. It is said that it is the city with the most murals excluding only Rome. An artist named Jane golden started a program for troubled kids. The kids would work with artists to create the murals. This helped them learn how to work with others and to be responsible. Some of the poorest neighborhoods have amazing murals. there are special buses that take tourists around the city to see the murals.

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Surviving On Blood

This Read Theory article talks about fleas. Fleas are perfectly designed to survive on blood. They have an extremely hard exoskeleton that is very difficult to crush. They also have spines that if they feel threatened they can stick them out and stick in animals of like velcro. They can jump up to 150 times their own length. A female can lay up to 50 eggs after one meal in one day, and up to 2000 in their lifetime.

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A Theory of Humorism

Humorism was an ancient Greek medicinal practiced. It is the belief that the body was essentially balanced by four substances. The 4 substances are black bile, yellow bile, phlegm, and blood. All of them represent one of the four elements, air, fire, earth, and water, respectively. Too much of one would cause disease and vice versa. While it is easy to laugh at the theory of humorism, without it, doctors wouldn't have been encouraged to find the real reason behind illnesses.