Topic: The Wide Window- lemony snicket

While they are sitting down to have supper no one talked because they didn't really know her well yet. Josephine broke the silence by saying she never had kids because her and Ike were scared. Klaus asked if Ike was her husband who was dead. Aunt Josephine said she felt like she lost two things and those two things were her husband and lake Lachrymose. Her husband had died in the lake and Aunt Josephine said she is to afraid to go near it. She had mentioned she put all her books about the lake away in her wide window library and that sparked something in the two oldest minds. The guardian took the three children on a tour of the library with the gigantic window that looks over at Lake Lachrymose. Her library was filled with books and books about grammar. When they continued their tour they went down a hall and stopped just before entering. They took a deep breath as they looked into the unusual library. The room wasn't square like most rooms but it was curved in the shape of a oval.  When the children walked up to the window they felt like they were flying.