Topic: The Wide Window- lemony snicket

When the kids looked at the lake through the window they felt like they were flying. Aunt Josephine had made a comment about this is the only way she can look at the lake is from far away. She began telling the story about how her husband had died. This isn't  a ordinary  lake with fish and leeches. This lake has special leeches called Lachrymose leeches and they will attack anything if they smell like food. You are suppose to wait a full hour until you can go swimming or else you will get attacked and Ike only waited forty-five minutes. The three kids felt emphatic for her and tried to make her feel better but they didn't know what to say because they haven't known her for a while. Violet had made a comment about moving so she doesn't have to be afraid of the lake anymore but big surprise Aunt Josephine is afraid of realtors.