Topic: Book talk: life on Mars?

January 30, 2018, Today i read a “read theory” article about mars. This article was short, but interesting. It talked about the mistranslation that lead to the concept of martian life on mars, and the support behind it. The mistranslation started with the Italian scientist Giovanni Schiaparelli studying the surface of mars. While studying the surface he discover channels on the surface, which he named canali. canali was later mistranslated to English with the word canals. And with this mistranslation, about water on mars people started to think that there could be life on mars. Though at the time this was considered incorrect, nowadays scientists have discovered that water is/was on mars. But most likely in ice form, but life on mars could have been possible at one point. The article was enjoyable because it was short, informative and enjoyable to read about both pop culture and science.