Topic: Wonder: R.J. Palacio

The boys walk back to camp together surrounding August like a guard, and news of their encounter with the seventh-graders spreads quickly among the fifth-graders. Suddenly everyone is concerned about August, even students he didn't know well or talked to him. When the fifth-graders return home, August tells his mom about his misadventures at the retreat. After he tells his mom, his dad and Via arrive home together, carrying a big, white box and tells August to open it. Inside the box is a little, black puppy looking up at him. When August returns to school, the war is over. Since Julian missed the nature retreat, he is no longer as popular as before, and Miles and Henry become Amos' best friends, instead of Julian's. No one ignores August or Jack anymore, and August gets used to knuckle-punching jocks in the hallway and being called "little dude" by students he barely knows. He starts enjoying school more.