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Not A Small Problem:
Albert, in which his best friends call him Al for short, is a young man who has a best friend named Joe, but everybody calls him Joey. Joey and Al have been friends for a long time. Joey likes to smoke cigarettes. He claims he doesn’t, but Al knows he does. Joey tries to hide it, but Al sees him do it. Joey thinks that him smoking is funny, and when Al sees him, Joe walks away laughing. When Joey started smoking, he only did it after school sometimes. Except Al knew he was smoking because he could smell it. It smelled like old clothes or like Al’s dad’s car used to smell. Al’s dad used to smoke but he had made the decision to quit because his doctor said it would cause him major health problems. Nowadays, Joey smokes all the time. When he comes over to Al’s house, Joey always brings cigarettes with him. He keeps them in his front pocket. When the boys would watch a movie, Joey would ask Al to stop it so he could go have a smoke outside. Joey thinks it’s ok to smoke and always tells Albert that he knows what he is doing. Since Joe is 15 and Al is 13, Joey thinks that since he is older he knows way more things than Al does. Joey also keeps telling Albert that “ you’ll understand one day...when I get older”.