Topic: Wonder

Today when I read the story was talking about August's parents arguing on whether or not to send him to middle school they were saying stuff like "Don't make him do anything he doesn't want to do."  I understand that it can be hard to go to new places with new people and doing things you're not used to doing. It's like last summer when I went to a hockey camp in Edmonton on my own, I  was used to taking one friend with me but this year I didn't. It was hard to put myself out there and have new people be faster or better than me, I even think feeling so uncomfortable made it hard to play my best. Back to the book, I think even though it maybe be hard for August to fit in or feel comfortable he would eventually get used to it and it will be better, I think school would be good for August. I eventually got used to going to hockey school alone.

Re: Wonder

I just started reading wonder today, so far I am really enjoying it. I have already watched the movie however, it is very entertaining to point out the differences between the two. The book has started off with the main character " August" is a ten year old boy who is not exactly normal, he has had multiple surgeries that help him survive, the surgeries have left his face highly disfigured. August  starts by introducing us to his family an d the very few friends he has. We are told that August has never gone to real school, and is planning to go for his first year of middle school, witch means the book will explain what school is like for August.