Topic: The Wind Singer by William Nicholson

This book starts in a desert with a native tribe when some people came and started to build a huge wooden structure in the middle of their camp. When they had finished their leader had started to climb up it and put a stone piece inside of the tower. Later that night when the came and blow onto the tower it a song, hence the name, The Wind Singer. Fast forward into the future and there you have your main characters, Bowman (kinda sounds like Bodyn right?) and Kestrel, they seem to follow the Hunger Games theme by being assorted into districts but instead of numbers they had colours. The only other difference is that you can move up in this hierarchy by improving your rating, you can do that by doing your job well and scoring high in the mandatory tests within the system. So pretty much nobody in their family likes the tests or the people in control. Kestrel had caused their family rating to drop by climbing The Wind Singer and swearing and cursing at the Emperor, she also caused it to drop when she went to the farthest back seat in class where the lowest scoring people in the class go, she also got pretty unlucky when she "befriended" Mumpo. I would suggest that you read this book because it's pretty kicking wizard.