Topic: Come Home by Lisa Scottoline

This book is about how a daughter shows up at her mother's door telling her that her ex-husband died but something just isn't right she has to go searching for the answers she's looking for. What I have read so far has only had one main event and it's still blurry as for what it relates to. The one main event was Jill (the mother) hearing Abby (the daughter) drunk in the street looking for her. Abby was trying to share the news that Jill's ex-husband had been murdered, So far all they have done is try to comfort both Abby and Jill.

Re: Come Home by Lisa Scottoline

Today, when I was reading Abby, calms down and continues to tell Jill more details about how the ex-husband died. I wish the book would say his name but they haven't and it's annoying. So from the start, They calm down Abby by offering her tissues, towels, water, and French toast. I can connect this to times I've come off at half time in 30-degree weather sweating and panting,  people on my soccer team try to comfort me by giving me cold water, ice packs, deodorant, and freezies. Back to the story, after she has calmed her self Jill asks if Abby knew what happened to the ex-husband Abby said the police found Xanax, Vicoden, and Temazepam, which are common drugs for anxiety and pain, but they are still not sure how he died. I hope the book will say the ex-husband's name soon, I also want to know what happened to him.