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Topic: Shadowhunters City of Ashes By Cassandra Clare

Every part of Jace was hurting from the thumping he took that afternoon when he dropped three floors through rotted wood onto  pile of scrap metal. Even Jace’s fingers were bruised. Alec who had only recently put away the crutches he had to use after his fight with the Abbadon. He didn’t look much better than Jace. His clothes were cover in mud and his hair hung down in is his face. There was a long cut down the side of his cheek. Alec said he will have to change the entry in the demonology textbook from ‘almost extinct’ to ‘not extinct’. Isabelle was about to reply when the elevator ground to a halt with the sound of a screeching brake. Jace followed Isabelle out into the entryway. He is convinced his step-siblings to come hunting with him despite the fact that neither of them was entirely comfortable going out on their own that Hodge wasn’t there to give them instructions. Jace wanted to oblivion of fighting. Dragonite demon and kill it. The three of them working together in perfect unison. He unzipped his jacket and slung it over on the pegs hanging on the wall. Alec was sitting on the low wooden bench next to Jace, kicking off his musk covered boots. Isabelle was pulling the pins out of hr long dark hair allowing it to shower down around her.