Topic: I Am The Clay by Chaim Potok

Today I started reading the book and it started off really well and got right into the story right off the hop.
It was how when an older woman was driving and seen a little boy lying in the ditch and was unconscious and she had helped him and helped him until the ambulance got there.

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After the ambulance got there the older woman wanted to take the boy with her but her husband called her crazy because he thought that the kid would be a bad idea because they thought that he was going to put hem in danger but they kept him with them anyways.

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Line Change by W.C Mack

Line Change is about a hockey team and they're a pretty good one.  They were in a game losing by one and things had gotten heated and and when a player had gotten hurt the coach O'neal went out on the ice to see if he was ok and as he was going out he slipped on the ice and hurt himself and know the team was down one player and a coach.  they had a game the next weekend and they needed a new coach so Nuggets dad jumps in to fill the job.