Topic: The Land of Stories book 2, Chris Colfer

I started reading this book ever since last week so I have read quite a few chapters already. This book is a sequel to the first book that I just finished during summer vacation. It is about two kids who just recently lost a dad which tells them a lot of stories. When they were grieving for the loss of their dad their grandma which is the mom of their dad. Their grandma also tells them quite a lot of stories she helped the kids from moving on from the death of their father. She travels the world and helps children who are in poverty and tell them diffferent kinds of stories like cinderella. when their grandma visited them she gave them a gift which is a book. They heard music and some chants from it so they discovered a new world or dimension. That's when their adventure began. The second book is about them returning to the real world and discovering a lot of things. They were left by their grandma for quite some time. They thought that she would never visit again, because its been years since she last visited they thought that they would not meet her again. I did not really read quite a lot yet so I am stopping here.