Topic: The Englishman's Boy- by Guy Vanderhaeghe

This afternoon I read 6 pages from the book I had chosen to read at this time in the school year.
  Titled 'The Englishman's Boy', this fictional novel follows the story of, guess who, the Englishman's boy.
  In the more recent pages that  I've read, the book tells a story of the Englishman's boy hitting his older brother over the head three times with a shovel, in return for the whippings received from him.  The book tells how the younger boy, after discovering that his older brother had survived the attack, decided to up and run away from home for fear of being killed.  A detail put in the story to emphasize the seriousness of the danger was one that told of how the older brother had shot a bullet in an attempt to surely kill his brother, which flew barely past the younger boy's ear while running.
Furthermore, in less recent pages, the father of the Englishman's boy had died from ague on a bed at night, in a rented room, in a hotel.  Aside from the occasional strong language and talk of misery and abuse, it's a great book.

Re: The Englishman's Boy- by Guy Vanderhaeghe

Prior to the school year, I had begun reading this book, and I was about 44 pages in by the time the school year came around.  In those 40 pages, I had not gotten as far along when it comes to 'exciting' moments in the story.  And by 'exciting', I mean parts of the book that only a person like me could bother themselves to be entertained by.  Long paragraphs beautifully describing a serene and calm sunset, the scene inside of a rundown bar full of cowboys, or of something as simple as a boy sitting on the saddle of a famous man.  When reading about the last one, I felt a connection with the book and the narrative itself.  I could visualize and make the connection from that tidbit of info in the book to something familiar to me; a nobody - for example - a prisoner locked up for God knows what, or sent to the headsman's ax, a courier cheated and blindsided for the gain of a scheming man, a meek test subject, a person released from captivity to search their ruined world for family.  All these deep and personal connections I made from reading about a boy that once knew a famous person, and pursued their destiny wheresoever it took them.