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How much disparity exists between the jobs we dream of and the jobs we'll most likely get? wrote:

Perhaps it's no surprise that 20 percent of teens who responded said they want to be involved in arts, design, entertainment, sports, and media occupations. Jobs in those fields not only seem fun, but sports, media, and the arts are how teens spend their free time--it makes sense that they'd want to work in a field aligned with their interests. In addition to being perceived as cool jobs, positions in media, art, design, sports, etc., can be very lucrative as well.

Getting paid to do what you love--isn't that everyone's dream? Unfortunately, only 2 percent of jobs in the current workforce fall under this category, which means at some point, most adults have to decide to earn a living doing something more readily available and realistic.

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January 2020: "Canada added 35,000 full-time jobs last month, twice what was expected" ... "Hourly wages rose 4.4%" … -1.5455588