Topic: Charlotte's Web by E B White Chapter 11 The miracle

Charlotte made a message on her web saying SOME PIG.
Lurvy & Mr. Zuckerman couldn't belive that the web said some pig.
Mr. & Mrs. Zuckerman were fighting about that message on the web because Mr. Zuckerman thinks that they have no ordinary pig and Mrs. Zuckerman said that they had no ordinary spider.
a miracle happened on the farm that the web said some pig.
Wilbur became famous because the people came down to see him and there were cars and trucks all over.
Fern told her Mom that Avery tried to hit Charlotte so he had to go to bed for that.
Wilbur is getting more food because everybody is visiting them.
Mr Zuckerman forgot about his farm job because he was so busy entertaining people on the farm.
Fern missed being alone in the barn because Mr Zuckerman was busy in there with the people.