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Hideki lives on the island of Okinawa located near Japan. When American soldiers attack during WWII. From a normal kid, he went to a solider ready to kill. He is handed a grenade and given one instruction: Don't come back until you kill an American soldier that was attacking Japan.

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Americans dropped a bomb on Hideki's school, all the boys were showered in rocks and his school disappeared in a second. The bomb meant that the U.S army has found them, The first thing he thought is to run but its not a good idea when Americans are watching and he was immediately stopped by his teacher. It was the war between America and Japan.

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Lieutenant Colonel Sano was commanding the army of 9-14 years old boys, he was really intimidating. He asked them: "what's the matter babies? Ready to run to your mommy?". He was not happy by how the boys reacted during the bombing of the school they were hiding in, he disliked that they all wanted to run away and probably get shot or bombed.