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Topic: Infinity Ring (book three) The Trap Door

In chapter one of book three, Sera, Riq, and Dak travelled through a cornfield while it was pouring rain. They had no idea where they were so they were walking and Sera found a town. It looked like a town from a faraway distance. She went right towards it as fast as she could so she didn't have to be in the pouring rain any longer. When they got to the shed they were trying to solve a puzzle from the infinity ring with a couple of pictures on it. When Sera was looking around she saw something outside while alerting the others to check. They realized they went in a trap door from someone they didn't know. If I was Sera and if I found the shed I wouldn't go right inside of it.  I would check to see if anything or anyone was behind the shed or beside the shed. I don't do things when I don't know who the people are or if it's creepy.