Topic: Divergent

Four and Lauren separate the initiates into two groups. Those who were born in the Dauntless faction go with Lauren, and the nine transfers stay with Four. He introduces himself as their instructor, and when Christina mocks his name, he tells her to keep her mouth shut. He then leads them into the Pit, a huge underground cavern. Tris can see people all over, as well as narrow paths connecting living and supply areas. Next, Four shows them the chasm, a ravine with a dangerous river flowing through one side of the Pit. Then they enter the dining hall, where the other Dauntless applauds them. Tris sits with Christina and Four, who laugh at her when she says she’s never seen hamburgers before. They’re joined by Eric, a heavily pierced, arrogant Dauntless leader who transferred from Erudite. He asks Four questions that make him uncomfortable, and Tris wonders about their relationship.
Shortly after dinner, Eric shocks the transfers by telling them they will be ranked throughout their training. Only the top ten initiates will join Dauntless, and the rest will become factionless. The other initiates are terrified, but Tris resolves to make it through training. In bed that night, she feels homesick, but she keeps her crying quietly. In the bunk next to her, a large boy named Al annoys her with his audible sobs.