Topic: Alberta Alibi

Alberta Alibi is a book that I think I'm really going to like because it is talking about a ranch and that is something that I enjoy. I have only read the first chapter so far and I'm liking it a lot. In the first chapter, there is a girl named Sheila and she is with her friends and her friend's grandparents. Sheila and her friends live in Victoria British Columbia and they are going on a trip across the province. While driving across BC they stop in a restored gold rush town called Barkerville. Once the group got back on the road they headed to Alberta. The first thing they did in Alberta was going to the Athabasca Glacier and ride in one of the buses with monster truck tires. After they finished there they drove to Banff and on their way there they saw lots of black bears, moose, loads of bighorn sheep and wapiti. Once they got to Banff they went to Calgary and shopped for a little bit. After shopping, they went south to go see Sheila's father that she hadn't seen in 2 years because he never came to see her in Victoria. Sheila was excited to see her dad but he didn't think she was because he thought that she wasn't interested in the ranch and listened to rock music but she actually likes country music. Then suddenly Sheila didn’t want to see her dad and want Gj to drive by and head to Saskatchewan. When they pull up to the laneway she sees the sign that says Triple W Ranch and she wonders why he has changed it to Lone W Ranch.