Topic: Charlotte's Web by E B White Chapter 16 Off to the Fair Part 1

Avery,Fern,Lurvy,and Mr. & Mrs. Zuckerman went to bed early,because the had to get ready to go to the fair. Mr. Zuckerman dreamed of Wilbur being 116 feet long and 92 feet high and he was covered in blue ribbons.
Mrs. Zuckerman gave Wilbur a buttermilk bath,because he was all dirty. Charlotte,Templeton,the geese,the sheep,and the lambs watched. Wilbur felt happy and radiant. Charlotte decided to go to the fair with Wilbur. She wanted Templeton to come,but he didn't want to. The old sheep convinced Templeton because there was old food\candy abandoned by children so rats would 
sneak up to eat the candy. Templeton and Charlotte stowawayed into the crate. the end (for now...)