Topic: Charlotte's Web by E.B. White Chapter 17-Uncle

The Arable's and the Zuckerman's were at the fair. Avery and Fern had money to play games and have snacks. The grownups unloaded the crate that Wilbur was in. He was taken out of the crate into his new pigpen. The crowd gathered around to watch and stared at the sign saying Zuckerman's Famous Pig. The pen was grassy,and it was shaded from the sun by a shed roof. Homer poured some skim milk into Wilbur's trough,then pitched straw into the pen. Zuckerman,his wife,and the Arables Walked toward the cattle barn. Charlotte spoke to Wilbur,as soon as the people were gone. Wilbur and Charlotte were talking about a spring pig named Uncle. Uncle lived in the pigpen next to Wilbur. I think Charlotte didn't him. Charlotte was felling tired. The Zuckermans and the Arables returned to the pigpen at noon. It was really hot,so Mrs Arable was fanning herself. Avery said that they needed a blanket, to make a tent. After lunch they fell asleep.