Topic: Trouble logging in to your blog?

A couple of reports of trouble logging into individual blogs.

I've seen some difficulties in the lab. Users are simply trying to login to the wrong blog: be certain you are at your blog when you login and the server won't need to "redirect." The redirect works, but perhaps under more load the redirects are limited and puke out an error message instead. All other errors in the lab are typographical as users learn their own usernames and urls.

Now, some veteran bloggers have reported vague difficulties trying to login from a home computer. Accept STJ cookies. Each time you visit or login to STJ, a cookie is created inside the cache of your browser - so you can stay logged in between pages. It is possible that the browser you have is not accepting cookies, you should trust the cookies from or you will not be able to use the site from home. You may have to reset your cookies and/or flush the cache in your browser. Resetting all cookies can be a major pain, just delete the ones for STJ and your browser will recreate them when visiting again. Flushing your cache should have no painful side-effects. Lab computers reset everything after each use, perhaps why this type of login problem doesn't occur at school.

The STJ sites have been updated over the summer, maybe recent attempts to login have borked as a result of having cookie/cache files that have gone stale.

Any other home-baked ideas to help with pesky logins?