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My toolbar on the top of my pge does ot work. Only the my account part works. None of the other ones; news, shortcuts, iblog, stj and boone's site do not show any of the other options.


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The theme I have is stripes.

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Thanks, I've put the "wrap" in a "page" conatainer and given that a defined margin so that the whole page shifts down when the fancy admin bar is active.

All four colours should now "shim" the page down so the menu java works.


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The nifty thing is making it hard to get to the toolbar info. I just have to find the sweet spot every time.

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Yeah, Stripes is one of the only themes I've seen with "rounded corners" drawn with javascript. Nifty Corners is the culprit and collides with the script I use to draw the menu which floats over every header. Nifty bug reports are listed, although not specifically our problem. I'll look around for updates/solutions.

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I tried the same "shim" to move the nifty script(attached to the "body" container) down the page, it worked!

All colours work.


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Thanks You, for your help, but i canged my theme because the oranges site's stripes disapeared.